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Dani’s Workout Plans

Are you ready to have energy, feel strong and healthy, and regain confidence in your own skin? Let me help!

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What Makes My Training Different?

Learn why so many people trust me in their fitness journey!

Flexible Training

From predesigned workout programs to help a wide variety of clients  to tailored exercise prescriptions, you can choose what best suits you based on your individual needs.

Engaging Community

You’ll be a part of a growing community that seeks to inspire, uplift, and support each other in fitness and in life! Follow me on IG and Facebook at Redemptive Fitness. 


I am your PERSONAL accountability partner  and coach who will personally check in with you! Check out the testimonials from real people just like you.

At Home & Gym Programs

Whether you prefer working out at home or in the gym, I offer thoughtfully crafted plans to meet your fitness goals! You automatically get access to both the gym and home plan when you purchase my online programs.

Do you live in Cincinnati and want to workout in a group setting? Check out my group class schedule below.

Location of group classes is Power 3 Fitness- 7227 Montgomery Rd. in Cincinnati, Ohio.

First Class Always Free!

High Intensity Interval Training

Wednesdays 6 PM

Fridays 6 AM


Pure Strength Training


Mondays at 6 PM

Thursday 6 PM

Saturday 9 AM


What Our Customers are saying…

“Dani is an enthusiastic coach! Her energy and encouragement make even the most grueling workouts fun. She always manages to make me laugh while pushing me a little farther than I thought I could go. I am so thankful to have Dani as a partner on my fitness journey!”

-Nicole, in person training client 

Will it work for you?


My knowledge and experience helping hundreds of clients has enabled me to successfully build these programs to take any client at any fitness level and transform their health and bodies. Let me help you next! -Dani