I am thankful for Danielle and her programming because it is the most sustainable training program I have done yet! It emphasizes progress over perfection and her programs work with you at your pace. I am the type of person that doesn’t need much extra motivation as much as I need to know WHAT to do at the gym for my workouts. Dani tells you exactly what to do, how many reps, and shows you how to do it with online videos of every exercise. Danielle’s online training programs are perfect for me! 


I have been following Dani’s at home and gym workouts for over a year now and have seen amazing results! Dani cares about your all around health and wellness and will always get to know you personally and check in. She is the only trainer I’ve ever seen care so much for her clients and put so much effort into perfecting her programs. If you follow her plans, you will see results and will increase your strength and mobility. Trusting Dani with my workouts has been the best decision and she is all around amazing. Definitely give her programs a try!



Dani is a 11/10 fitness instructor! She pushes you right to the edge. I started with Dani back in 2018 at 272lbs. Today I’m proud to say I’m 220lbs!!











Throughout my life, I have struggled to find a balance with exercise and often exercised as a way to compensate for unhealthy food choices. As a college student trying to prioritize health and fitness, Dani showed me how to find that balance by showing me that exercise is essential for your health and wellness. She also has guided me to healthier eating habits and demonstrated the importance of strength training for our bodies, which is something that was completely new to me! Since signing up for her program, my idea of fitness has changed completely. Instead of viewing it as a punishment, I have found that working out makes me feel better mentally and physically! Not to mention, I have had some of the fastest, most maintainable results with Dani than I have throughout my entire fitness journey! She truly cares and has always been there to ensure I am successful and staying on track to reaching my goals! 

Danielle is so passionate about fitness and her clients. She is a positive light and energy that also can kick your workout routines into gear. Danielle is able to work with any person at any fitness level and transform their bodies and lifestyle. She inspires me to keep pushing myself and I continue to reach my fitness goals. I am so blessed to call her my trainer and a friend!


In person and online client

I have been working out with Dani for over a year now and she is truly an excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm, and she works with the whole person- mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance, and most importantly, working out has become fun. She is skilled, thoughful, and realistic. Dani has the most positive attitude and makes me feel good about myself and my workouts! I would highly recommend her without reservation!


In person, group training, and online client

Dani is an amazing trainer. She helped me loose weight and get in shape for my wedding. I always had a hard time working out and staying on track with my busy work schedule but Dani’s training is flexible and realistic. After loosing weight, I feel more confident in myself and I feel stronger!


In person training client

Dani is an engaging and a talented fitness coach! I’ve seen her train individuals and groups for over a year now. She is able to focus effectively on form and functionality while motivating and challenging her clients to perform at their optimal level. Dani also cares about the WHOLE person and encourages her clients to be the best version of themselves. As an ongoing client, I also appreciate her soulful approach to fitness and life, which has improved my own perspective and overall well-being. To me, she’s the best!


Group training client